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5459352netc (MTA anti-cheat).dll1.5.7.20629
5534072netc (MTA SA anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20657
5536632netc (MTA SA anti-cheat).dll1.5.8.20698
5536120netc (MTA SA anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20664
5433560netc (MTA anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20599
5533560netc (MTA SA anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20651
5533560netc (MTA SA anticheat).dll1.5.7.20632
5439768netc (MTA SA anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20627
5532504netc (MTA SA anti-cheat).dll1.5.7.20642
5436152netc (MTAsa anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20597
5834424netc (MTA SA netcode and anticheat).dll1.6.0.21826
5536120netc (MTA SA anti-cheat and netcode).dll1.5.7.20654