or url:

some examples:

a calculator from Win7 calc.exe
a calculator from Win7, packed with UPX calc_upx.exe
a calculator from Win7, packed with ASPack calc_asp.exe
MUI Localization file with a lot of String resources calc.exe.mui
some binaries from the corkami project:
foldedhdr.exe manyimportsW7.exe imports_badterm.exe imports_nothunk.exe

latest uploads:

size ClamAV scan results filename & link
424960 OK x64_KernelBase.dll
31744 OK guidgen.exe
72000 OK PlatformInitPreMem.efi
53568 OK DxePlatform.efi
210432 OK testformm.exe
457728 OK burn.exe
383488 OK burn.exe
448512 OK burn.exe
473088 OK WorkBoard_Windows.exe
278528 OK TmUninst.exe
274432 OK TmUninst.exe
704512 OK ANSI 32-bit.bin
344576 OK grant.exe
60912 OK a.exe
653507 OK seguridad.pdf
12800 OK Symantec.Kaseya.Web.dll
30720 OK devIO.KaseyaLib.dll
64000 OK SEPMWebServices.dll
275456 OK Kaseya.Symantec.Integration.dll
110592 OK Kaseya.Symantec.Operations.dll

commandline usage:

  1. install

    (you must have ruby 1.9+ with rubygems installed)

    gem install pedump
  2. run

    (for example output and available switches see pedump at github, also take a look at -W switch )

    pedump filename.exe
  3. contribute