or url:

some examples:

a calculator from Win7 calc.exe
a calculator from Win7, packed with UPX calc_upx.exe
a calculator from Win7, packed with ASPack calc_asp.exe
MUI Localization file with a lot of String resources calc.exe.mui
some binaries from the corkami project:
foldedhdr.exe manyimportsW7.exe imports_badterm.exe imports_nothunk.exe

latest uploads:

size ClamAV scan results filename & link
452362 OK Perugino_Classic.tts
49686 OK rightShift.exe
674304 OK 1sistemm.exe
27077 OK preview.pdf
13318144 OK 6.3.exe
7134720 OK PX_Launcher.exe
6664192 OK mspaint.exe
545280 OK nano.exe
90107686 OK Data_Odessa.dgdat
1205120 OK shimx64-redhat.efi
1160184 OK mmx64.efi
1733560 OK grubx64.efi
357360 OK fbx64.efi
1202952 OK BOOTX64.EFI
1116024 OK grubx64.efi
1334816 OK shimx64.efi
2126120 OK AnyDesk.exe
315392 OK OfferTest.exe
1169744 OK mspft80.dll
2476 OK ntdll.dll.fake

commandline usage:

  1. install

    (you must have ruby 1.9+ with rubygems installed)

    gem install pedump
  2. run

    (for example output and available switches see pedump at github, also take a look at -W switch )

    pedump filename.exe
  3. contribute